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3D Muscles Teacher 1.0

Learn all important facts about the human muscular system
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3D Muscles Teacher is a training program to learn, memorize and lookup all important facts about the human muscular system. With the 3D multi-window user interface, labeled views of a body region can be quickly accessed and 3-dimensional explored. Internet bindings for all muscles provide instant access to related online information.

Interactive 3D Exploration of the Muscular System

Illustration-like sectional 3D views of the muscular system can be 3-dimensional explored. Origin, insertion, nerve and actions are instantly displayed on a mouse click. All muscles are labeled and color coded. Depending on the viewing angle, auto-hiding labels are displayed for visible muscles. Muscles can be highlighted and exclusively explored. Further related online information about a muscle, images and clips can be instantly accessed online.

Integrated Online Browser and Bookmark Manager

After online navigating in the browser window, the actual page link can be saved as a muscle-specific or general bookmark. Save your bookmarks and make 3D Muscles teacher to a personal resource for learning and reference.

Search for Muscles by browsing the dictionary

All muscles are listed in the dictionary and related views are instantly shown after clicking a term.

Main Features:

- All English names and Latin names for 700 muscles
- Instant display of Origin, Insertion, Nerve and Actions
- Access to related information, images and video clips online
- Personalization by integrated Bookmark management
- 3D Muscles Teacher contains 12 fully explorable 3D-views, hyperlinks for all muscles and 430 auto-hiding labels

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